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Druskininkų Maratonas, whose registered office is at
Mizarų 52, Druskininkai, privacy policy for 2023
  m. football camps

By submitting an application for admission to the Camp, you agree to this Privacy Policy. Parents / guardians should familiarize themselves with the current privacy policy before submitting an application to the camp. If you do not agree with the rules of the privacy policy, do not use the services of the Druskininkai Marathon.


The personal data of the participant and his / her parents / guardians are provided by filling in the registration form and the camp participant qualification card. The Druskininkai Marathon Company pays a lot of attention to protecting the confidentiality of such information, so the personal data stored in the camp participants' database will not be disclosed to other persons. This database, created by the company Druskininkai Marathon, includes only information provided voluntarily by the Participant and his / her parent / guardian. Such personal data is administered by the company Druskininkai Marathon.


The provision of information about the Participant in the camp participant's qualification card is necessary to ensure the safety and good health of the Participant during the camp. The personal information of the Participant and / or his / her parents / guardians will be provided to the tutors and camp leaders who will take care of the child during the camp. Therefore, any personal data provided by the Participant and / or his / her parents / guardians when submitting or submitting the application will be used exclusively to enable the Druskininkai Marathon Company, as the organizer of the camp, to provide appropriate services or for statistical purposes.


Providing correct and complete information on the Camp Participant Qualification Card is a prerequisite for participating in the camp. The personal data of the Participants and their parents / guardians specified in the Camp Participant Qualification Card and registration form (application) will be processed and used by Druskininkai Marathon to the extent necessary to ensure the safety and health of the Participants during the camp and for insurance purposes. purposes at the end of the camp.


Accuracy of personal data collected and changes thereto


Parents / guardians have the right to access, correct and update the data they provide. Parents / guardians have the right to request the termination of the processing of personal data provided by them in relation to themselves and the Participants. The requirement to terminate the processing means that the personal data of the Participant and / or his / her parents / guardians will be removed from the Camp Participant Qualification Card and the Participant Database. In this case, the Participant will no longer be able to continue participating in the camp and his / her parents / guardians will have to pick up the Participant from the camp at their own expense on the day the personal data is removed. Such consequences arise from the fact that the camp organizer cannot ensure the safety and health of the Participant without the necessary data, documents and information about the Camp Participant.


Use of data for correspondence


The company "Druskininkai Marathon" reserves the right to send messages about which the recipient has not been notified to the persons whose data were collected during the organization of the camp. The reports include data that is directly related to the organization of the camp and other activities for children, football training for adults, non-commercial letters (e.g., wishes), and commercial information related to the company’s services. If you would like to opt out of receiving such information about Druskininkų Maratonas services and promotions, please send an e-mail. an email with the subject "opt-out" to, which will mean that such information will no longer be sent to you.


Druskininkai Marathon partners and sponsors


The privacy policy does not apply to the services and companies whose contact details are available on the Druskininkai Marathon websites. If the service includes links to other websites, Druskininkai Marathon reserves the right not to take responsibility for the privacy policies applied by the owners of such domains and websites. The Privacy Policy also does not apply to services provided by others through or through the Druskininkai Marathon websites, if such services are provided by such persons on their own behalf and not on behalf of the Druskininkai Marathon.


Identification of camp visitors and Druskininkai Marathon websites


Druskininkai Marathon can install a computer system with service information that will identify the user. This information is commonly referred to as cookies, which are used by many websites by default. Cookies are stored on your computer, not on Druskininkai Marathon websites. By using cookies, the company "Druskininkai Marathon" is informed about how and when visitors use their websites, which allows them to adjust the functionality of the portals and resources according to the needs of customers. If you do not want to receive cookies or want to be informed about them, select the appropriate browser settings, if available.




Druskininkai Marathon reserves the right to change the privacy policy, portal resources related to the camps, their websites, the company may make modifications or even ban access to its portal / websites. Changes can be made at any time, and users of the portal / website can, but do not have to, be notified. No changes affect the basic rule that the personal data of the Participants and their parents / guardians may not be provided or reviewed by third parties (except for the camp manager and curators).


All questions related to the privacy policy should be sent to

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